Though their appearances differ, one commonality amongst each of the Scottish Rite Medals & Awards is “Service.” Distinguished service to Freemasonry, Country, and Humanity are all hallmarks and defining characterizations of the selfless service demonstrated by their respective recipients. Here you will be able to see these medals up close and learn more about their significance and gain a deeper understanding of those individuals to which these have been awarded.

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Gourgas Medal for Notably Distinguished Service

The most distinguished honor conferred by this Supreme Council is the “Gourgas Medal” named in honor of Ill. John James Joseph Gourgas, 33°, the Founder of this Supreme Council, an outstanding leader known to the Craft as the “Conservator of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.” This Medal may be conferred by the Supreme Council, (or by the Sovereign Grand Commander) upon a member of our Jurisdiction, or of any other Jurisdiction with which we are in amity, in recognition of notably distinguished service in the cause of Freemasonry, country or humanity. Learn more about Ill. John James Joseph Gourgas, 33°.

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Ill. Mark W. Clark, 33°1954
Ill. Edmund F. Ball, 33°1983
Ill. Richard B. "Red" Skelton, 33°1995
Ill. John Wm. McNaughton, 33°August 27 , 2013
Supreme Council Medal of Honor

The Medal of Honor may be conferred by the Supreme Council or by the Sovereign Grand Commander upon any person, whether or not a member of our jurisdiction or a member of any Body of the Rite, in recognition of distinguished service to Freemasonry, country, or humanity.

Ill. Robert L. Miller, 33°1996
Ill. Richard C. Ellis, 33°2006
Ill. Bill C. Anthis, 33°2008
Ill. John W. McNaughton, 33°2015
Ill. Gail N. Kemp, 33°2015
Ill. Keith Hoskins, 33°2017
Ill. Paul W. Burns, 33°2021
Ill. Ronald L. Buskirk, 33°2021
Ill. Rick A. Cory, 33°2021
Ill. Steven J. Dooley, 33°2021
Ill. Noel L. Sell, 33°2021
Ill. Carl L. Whitman, 33°2021
Daniel D. Tompkins Medal for Distinguished Service

The Daniel Tompkins Medal is named for Daniel D. Tompkins, first Sovereign Grand Commander of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. He also served the nation as its vice president, under President James Monroe. It may be conferred by the Supreme Council or by the Sovereign Grand Commander upon a deserving Masonic or Scottish Rite Brother who has rendered outstanding distinguished and exemplary service to his country or the Masonic fraternity at large not often witnessed among the general membership. Learn more about Ill. Daniel Decius Tompkins, 33°.

Ill. John F. Surbeck, 33°June 21, 2014
Ill. Robert G. Elrod, 33°July 1, 2017
Sovereign Grand Commander's Medal for Distinguished Service

The Sovereign Grand Commander may, at his discretion, ­bestow his personal award upon a deserving Masonic or Scottish Rite Brother whom he considers to have rendered outstanding distinguished and exemplary service to the Masonic fraternity at large. The recipient of this prestigious award must have demonstrated such service to the ­Scottish Rite not often witnessed among the general membership.


Ill. James S. DeMond, 33°April 17, 2010
Ill. George E. Proctor, 33°April 20, 2010
Ill. Robert B. Bailey, 33°November 13, 2010
Ill. Denis E. Ribordy, 33°November 13, 2010
Ill. Jon E. Greim, 33°June 25, 2011
Ill. Chester D. Staples, 33°June 28, 2012
Ill. Thomas H. Corson, 33°March 6, 2013
Ill. Emory W. Bryan Jr., 33°March 28, 2015
Ill. J. Brian McNaughton, 33°2022
Indiana COD Medal of Honor
Robert E. Hancock, Jr.June 20, 1998
Robert L. MillerSeptember 29, 1998
John W. McNaughtonNovember 15, 1998
Lois McNaughtonNovember 15, 1998
Robert E. PriceJuly 24, 1999
Robert B. BaileySeptember 27, 1999
Sarah BaileySeptember 27, 1999
James S. DeMondJune 3, 2000
Gail N. KempSeptember 26, 2000
Robert L. KingSeptember 26, 2000
William D. BlasingameDecember 31, 2000
Robert O. RalstonJune 16, 2001
Frank L. O'BannonSeptember 25, 2001
Bill C. AnthisSeptember 3, 2002
Neil C. King, Jr.June 26, 2004
John Wm. McNaughtonAugust 29, 2006
C. Thomas PittsJune 28, 2008
Russell A. MurphyJune 27, 2009
Robert G. ElrodJune 25, 2011
Jeffrey K. SaundersJune 30, 2012
Bruce H. MetzgerJune 30, 2012
Michael D. BorstJune 21, 2014
Forrest C. LynchJune 25, 2016
Alfred J. EdwardsJune 25, 2016
Thomas A. FallisJuly 1, 2017
Beverly ElrodJuly 1, 2017
Ill. Paul W. Burns, 33°June 5, 2021
Ill. Ronald L. Buskirk, 33°June 5, 2021
Ill. Rick A. Cory, 33°June 5, 2021
Ill. Steven J. Dooley, 33°June 5, 2021
Ill. Noel L. Sell, 33°June 5, 2021
Ill. Carl L. Whitman, 33°June 5, 2021