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Indiana Council of Deliberation Leadership Team
Name Supreme Council TitleCouncil of Deliberation Title
Ill. Keith Hoskins, 33°Deputy for IndianaCommander-In-Chief
Ill. Charles C. Wicks, 33°Active for Indiana1st Lt. Commander
Ill. Gregory N. Jordan, 33°Active for Indiana2nd Lt. Commander
Ill. Paul C. St Pierre, 33°Active for Indiana Minister-of-State
Ill. Eric S. Pittman, 33°Active for Indiana
Ill. J. Brian McNaughton, 33°Active for Indiana
Ill. Rodney A. Mann, 33°Secretary
State of Indiana Scottish Rite Valleys
ValleyStated MeetingWebsiteSecretaryOffice
Evansville1st Mark W. Stephens, 33°(812) 425-1396
Fort Wayne2nd Tuesdayaasr-ftwayne.orgIll. Larry L. Chapel, 33° MSA(260) 423-2593
George Rogers Clark5th Terry L. Kehrer, 33°(502) 836-5582
Indianapolis1st Wednesdayaasr-indy.orgIll. Rodney Mann, 33°(317) 262-3105
South Bend2nd Thursdaysouthbendscottishrite.orgIll. Robert Keuper, 33°(574) 233-3158
Terre Haute2nd Wednesdayaasrth.orgBro. Stanley Abernathy, 32°(812) 234-3761
Mailing Addresses
NameMailing AddressOfficeWebsite
Indiana Council of Deliberation650 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46204(800)
Supreme Council, 33°, AASR NMJPO Box 519, Lexington, MA 02420-0519(781)